Three Rivers Heritage Trail hosts the Great American Rail Trail!

Friends of the Riverfront is excited to join Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in revealing the route of the Great American Rail-Trail—otherwise known as the “Great American”—a cross-country multiuse trail that will span more than 3,700 miles from Washington, D.C. to Washington State. 

The grand scale of the Great American will magnify the economic, social and community benefits that trails have delivered for decades by enhancing tourism and outdoor recreation, and catalyzing new investment in trailside businesses and commercial opportunities. When complete, the Great American Rail-Trail will provide a safe and seamless biking and walking trail to take in America’s landscapes, people and places. As new connecting trails are developed, communities along the route will gain safer walking and biking access to jobs, transit, shopping centers, green space and more. 

The route of the Great American is more than 52% complete, hosted by 125+ existing trails. Friends of the Riverfront is thrilled that the Three Rivers Heritage Trail network will host the Great American Rail-Trail through Pittsburgh when the trail is connected. The route through Pittsburgh will be challenging. Friends of the Riverfront is working with partners to determine the best and safest route down the Ohio valley to connect with our neighboring trail, the Montour Trail. The Ohio valley is a critical gap in the Great American Rail Trail, but Friends of the Riverfront is excited to bring focused efforts to this region’s connectivity opportunities. 

The Great American Rail-Trail is a bold vision—one that will take years to complete and will require the support and participation of trail lovers in the Pittsburgh region and across the country to make it happen. We look forward to being a part of the cross-nation journey. 

To learn more about the Great American Rail-Trail and view the route, visit