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Frequently Asked Questions
about the campaign to fix Eagle Lake

What is Eagle Lake?  Eagle lake is a trail hazard along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Baldwin Borough. It’s been named ‘Eagle Lake’ because it is adjacent to the Hays bald eagle viewing area.

Why is Eagle Lake a problem?  The ponding can become several inches deep after storm events and can sit trapped on the trail for quite a few weeks before it dissipates. this poses a serious safety risk for trail users. In winter time, the water freezes causing an even more dangerous situation.

Why does Eagle Lake need fixed?  The Three Rivers Heritage Trail network is a 24-mile long network throughout Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh that provides quality of life to residents and visitors. It’s used for health and wellness as well as alternative transportation. There is no way to safely get around Eagle Lake leaving commuters and trail users no choice but to go through it.

What is the fix?  In order to fix Eagle Lake, Friends of the Riverfront will leverage land we own in the area to install a drainage system to pull the ponding water under the ground along the trail, outflowing into the parklette area where it will naturally navigate to the Mon River.

How much will the fix cost?  The fix for Eagle Lake is estimated to cost around $80,000. The Allegheny Trail Alliance has generously awarded Friends the first $10,000 to get us started; Friends has requested $50,000 in RAD dollars, which will be decided upon later this year. This leaves an approximate $15-20,000 gap in funding.

How can I help?  You can help us get this serious safety issue fixed by donating to the Come Help or High Water campaign. All dollars raised through this campaign will go toward funding the fix for Eagle Lake. Any amount helps us provide a safe and beautiful space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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