Restoration Project Closure

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Trail Hazard
Trail Hazard
October 2, 2019
The section of trail on the North Side of the Allegheny River between the Veteran's bridge (starting at the 1-mile marker from Point State Park) to the Fort Wayne Railroad bridge (at the intersection of River Ave and Hope Street) May have temporarily closings as PlantScape continues work...

City Forestry completed tree removals near Heinz Lofts as part of Western PA Conservatory's Redbud project. Vegetation that was removed included nonnative invasive honeysuckle, tree of heaven, privet, exotic mulberry, and others. Plant Scape is removing tree stumps and prepping the soil. Good trees were marked ahead of time to be retained and protected throughout the project. Nearly 1000 trees and shrubs will be planted over the course of 3 volunteer planting events this fall.

They do not plan to close the trail during the planting events on 10/19, 10/26, or 11/9: They will have orange construction signage along the trail and River Ave from both directions. They will maintain open space to permit the flow of trail traffic, but ask that cyclists dismount and walk their bikes through the area to avoid collisions.


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