Three Rivers Water Trail Status

Three Rivers Water Trail Status

The expansion of the Three Rivers Water Trail throughout the Pittsburgh region continues to be a top priority for Friends of the Riverfront. We like to keep our members and supporters informed on important developments including new trail construction, temporary closures, and site improvements.

If you encounter a problem on the Three Rivers Water Trail, please contact us.

Trail Alerts/Conditions Advisories

No Trail Alerts at this time.

Planning and Development

Allegheny River


Natrona Comes Together has assisted Friends of the Riverfront to identify an appropriate site near River Avenue on the Allegheny River (adjacent to the Natrona Bottling Company) for a water trail landing. A License Agreement has been drafted and approved by both Harrison Township and Natrona Comes Together. Survey work has been completed to ensure the proposed site meets design standards for accessibility. Engineering drawings of the site are available here. Construction is scheduled to be complete in 2013 including removal of invasive plants and new sustainable landscaping.

Ohio River


Friends of the Riverfront continues to work closely with the Borough of Haysville and Osborne to develop a non-motorized access at the terminus of River Road on the Ohio River. Survey work will be conducted to ensure the possibility of constructing an ADA compliant access followed by engineering and design. Currently a License Agreement is being negotiated with both Borough Council’s and an adjacent property owner Lone Oak Technology.