Trail Stewards

Trail Stewards

What is the Trail Steward Program?

A volunteer partnership with Friends of the Riverfront to help monitor and maintain the Three Rivers Heritage Trail and Three Rivers Water Trail. Individual Trail Stewards typically conduct monthly inspections of trail conditions and surrounding riverfront, document and clean any defaced signage, and communicate findings to Friends of the Riverfront’s Stewardship Coordinator.


How to Become a Trail Steward

Friends of the Riverfront is pleased to announce all sections of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail have been adopted by Trail Stewards. Future openings will be posted as we continue to complete new sections of trail and riverfront accesses.

Tools Provided

All Trail Stewards receive a free membership with Friends of the Riverfront and a simple backpack of tools that include:

– Signage inspection checklist
– Bottled water
– Graffiti remover
– Bike patch repair kit
– Heritage Trail Maps and Activity Guides
– First Aid Kit
– Trail Steward Apparel

What Else Can I Do to Help?

Please dial 911 for immediate emergencies along the trail, remember to reference trail segment, river name, mile marker or cross street to identify your location. Concerns relating to signage, plantings, trail surface or general ideas on improvements please call Friends of the Riverfront at 412.488.0212 or click here to visit the Friends of the Riverfront Social Network where you may post a question or offer a topic for discussion. Remember your input is valuable to us. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Trail Stewards

Our Trail Stewards are the eyes and ears of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail and the Three Rivers Water Trail. Trail Stewards are volunteers who monitor a specific segment of trail two or more times a month, addressing minor issues such as litter or invasive species, and report larger issues to the Stewardship Coordinator. Trail Stewards also provide maps and information to trail users as needed.

Vince Dish Chateau

Art Fleming South Side, Eliza Furnace & Station Square

Paul Heckbert Duck Hollow

Carolyn Laquatra Chateau

David Malehorn Three Rivers Water Trail

Jim Martin Lawrenceville

Joseph F. McLaughlin North Shore

Donna Green North Shore