Outfitters on the Water Trail

There are several great outfitters on or near the Three Rivers Water Trail that rent and sell canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and more.  Some also offer tours, lessons, water safety courses, competitions, and boat storage. 

Thank you to our Three Rivers Water Trail Sponsors!

10.7 Marina, Verona, PA, 412-596-1647

  • Canoe, kayak and SUP rental
  • Boat storage
  • Riverside entertainment


3 Rivers Outdoors Company, Regent Square, PA 412-871-5038

  • Kayak & SUP sales and rentals, pick-up in Regent Square
SUP3Rivers, 412-425-7676

  • Group rentals and tours
  • Pop-up rentals
Additional Outfitters Along the Three Rivers Water Trail:


  • Rentals Downtown & North Park
  • Guided tours and safety courses


Steel City Rowing Club, Verona, PA

  • School, learn to row, and masters rowing teams
  • Membership and boat storage available

SurfSUP Adventures, 724-989-7259

  • SUP guided tours and lessons at several locations
  • SUP rentals, pick-up in Oakmont, PA
REI, South Side, 412-488-9410
  • Kayak and SUP sales
  • Classes and tours
Three Rivers Rowing Association, Washington’s Landing & Millvale, PA
  • School, learn to row, adaptive, masters, and corporate rowing
  • Dragon boat teams
  • Membership and boat storage available


Tres Rios Sports, Millvale, PA,724-493-6544
  • Demo performance kayaks

If you are an outfitter along or near the Three Rivers Water Trail, contact us at friends@friendsoftheriverfront.org so we can add you to the list!


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