Trail Ambassadors Volunteer Program 2024

Welcome to Friends of the Riverfront Trail Ambassadors! 

Trail Ambassadors are outdoor-loving community members and volunteers who represent the Three Rivers Heritage Land & Water Trail.

They are leaders and role models who ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable trail experience for all through representing the Trail. 

Trail Ambassadors Program Overview

As a Trail Ambassador, you will…

Keep the Trail safe and accessible for all

  • Ambassadors cycle, walk, roll, paddle, or relax in one location along the Trail to help Trail users by being a friendly presence and helping as needed.  Trail Ambassadors also distribute maps and outreach materials.  All of this is done while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the Three Rivers Land and Water Trail.  Volunteers do this on their own schedule and log and track their hours online. 

    Inspire others to join us on the Trails and rivers 

  • Trail Ambassadors help table at events and/or lead group Trail experiences with the support and community fostered by Friends of the Riverfront.  Throughout the season, Friends of the Riverfront tables and hosts programming all along the Trail and at community events like music and arts festivals, neighborhood events, bicycle events, and more.  Ambassadors sign up for the events that they are invested in and help to engage the community in our work by inviting community members to get to know the trail and utilize it!  Ambassadors also have the opportunity to host programming like group rides or walks. 

    Track trail conditions, take photos, write about Trail experiences 

  • Trail Ambassadors submit reports monitoring Trail conditions, hazards, and any incidents, ensuring the Trail is safe and well-maintained to ensure an enjoyable experience for all Trail users.  Ambassadors also have the option to take and share beautiful photos of the Trail and/or write about Trail Experiences to share with our community in publications and online. 

Trail Ambassador Benefits

  • Earn perks like gifts, raffle prizes, and access to free workshops.
  • Attend volunteer social events and join an active Trail-loving Community.
  • Stay connected and have fun through volunteering at community events, festivals, music and arts events, and celebrations.
  • Receive support leading group rides, walks, & educational events.
  • Get exclusive updates to Trail news, developments, programming, and more. 

Program Start Date & Commitment

The Trail Ambassador Program runs from April 2024 – November 2024.  We ask volunteers to commit at least 8 hours a month to the program either through on-Trail volunteering, through tabling at events, or a combination of both. 

The official kickoff to the 2024 Trail Ambassador season begins with a Training and Social event that will take place on Monday, April 15th, 2024 from 5pm – 9pm at our office in Etna: 100 Hafner Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15223.  Training is free and required for all volunteers.  Returning volunteer Trail Ambassadors from the 2023 season will only be required to take a refresher training. 

If you are unable to make it to the first big kickoff Trail Ambassador Training and Social in April, that’s ok!  We will reach out to interested candidates to schedule a make-up training as needed throughout the season to get involved. 

Trail Ambassadors Program Details

How do I know if being a Trail Ambassador role is a good fit for me?

Volunteering as a Trail Ambassador is a good fit for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds who like to connect with others and enjoy being out on the Trail.  Ambassadors engage with people in the community and encourage and inspire others to get outside and support Trail networks and investment in our shared outdoor spaces like the Three Rivers Heritage Land and Water Trail.  

If you love outdoor recreation on the Trail and want to enhance your outdoor recreation experience as a leader and role model who gives back to the community, the Trail Ambassador is a great fit for you!  

If you would like to see more people like you enjoying the Trail, feeling safe and welcome, we need your presence on the Trail as a Trail Ambassador!  As a Trail Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to regularly give your feedback, share your photography, and/or share stories to inspire others like you feel welcome to utilize the Trail for art, education, recreation, commuting, and more. 

The Trail Ambassador program is also a great volunteer opportunity for resume building or to gain professional experience with outreach, interpretation, education, and/or experience working for an environmental non-profit.  If you are a student or professional seeking experience in these fields, this role is a good fit for you! 

Why do we need Trail Ambassadors?

With over 33 miles of Trail expanding across Allegheny County, our Trails reach many neighborhoods and diverse communities.  Trail Ambassadors represent the diversity of our region and encourage people to feel safe and welcome on the Trail.  They are a friendly helpful presence on the Trail.  Ambassadors may be able to help a new Trail user navigate the trail with a map or directions for example.  Trail Ambassadors might help a stranded cyclist in need of a bike repair locate the nearest bike shop or borrow a bike tool.  

Trail Ambassadors help engage the community about the work and advocacy needed to build and expand our Trails so that Trail access and benefits reach more people and connect regions for safe non-motorized commuting and recreation.  

Trail Ambassadors can also help provide fun, active, arts, or educational group events to help enhance the Trail experience. Group experiences help to build community ties and connections.

Can I be both a volunteer Trail Ambassador and a Trail Steward or a Trail Tuesday volunteer?

Yes!  You are welcome to volunteer in more than one of our volunteer programs each season.  If you would like to split your time between the Trail Ambassador Program and the Trail Stewardship Program, please fill out our general volunteer form and let us know that you are interested in participating in both programs. 

Trail Ambassadors Program Resources

Upon registering for the 2024 Trail Ambassador Program, Trail Experience Coordinator, Lavender Sedlock, will reach out to you with more information and next steps via email.  If you have any questions, please contact Lavender.


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