The Staff

Kate Angell

Director of Development and Communications

Katie Craig

Trail Development Coordinator

Madelyn Dayton

Communications and Development Coordinator

Katie Kovalchik

Trail Development Project Manager

Gregory Dinkar Manley

Community Outreach Specialist

Ashley Martin

Trail Stewardship Program Coordinator

Kelsey Ripper Executive Director

Kelsey Ripper

Executive Director

Lavender Sedlock

Trail Experience Coordinator

Mary Beth Operations Coordinator

Mary Beth Sklar

Operations Coordinator

Alex Toner Trail Steward Manager

Alex Toner

Trail Stewardship Manager

Courtney Mahronich Vita

Director of Trail Development and Government Relations

The Board

Samantha Hartzman


Will Simpson

Vice President

Christopher Hetz


Lauren Burge


Doug Clark


Megan Winters


Durwood Hill


Jeanne K. Clark


Tom Demagall


Angela Martinez


Anna Tang


Stacey Vernallis



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