The 2024 Litter League Concluded on May 31st with a Championship Tournament in Downtown Pittsburgh sponsored by GeoTechnics.  Six teams played in the final bout, and competition was fierce, with multiple challenges and slim pickings thanks to the tireless efforts of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s CLEAN TEAM and all the additional municipal services in anticipation of the weekend’s festivities.

Moody Blues and the Trash Pandas mounted a comeback, finding two Golden Eggs and completing a series of season challenges in the last week, but in the end, it was the overwhelming effort and coordination of the 412 Redder Uppers, who completed nearly ALL of the challenges, and brought a full 10-person team to the final match. They finish the season with a record 13 points and a total of more than SIXTEEN TONS of collected. 

Congratulations to the 2024 Champions, the 412 Redder Uppers!  Highlights and details will be posted in the coming days.



The 412 Redder Uppers, hailing from Pittsburgh’s Northside are the overall champions of the 2024 Litter League, collecting 32,064 pounds of litter and accomplishing 5 of 8 challenges.  They earned a record 13 total points during the season.


Challenge #1: The Golden Egg

Find a hidden golden egg and bring it to the referee. Earn 1 point for the season and the bonus weight hidden inside. 

Challenge #2: Say Hello

Introduce your team in style. Uniforms, banners, chants, player profiles, music videos.. it’s up to you. 

Challenge #3: If You Build It...

Make a wearable mascot for your team from primarily littered materials.

Challenge #4: Speak to me Muse

Write a poem in verse and rhyme inspired by your team’s collected litter.

Challenge #5: Test your Metal

Find 100 pieces of metal in 90 minutes or less

Challenge #6: Trash Treasure

Choose one piece of litter to give as a gift.

Challenge #7: Pick Your Poison

Find the most pieces of a single type of litter during a tournament

Challenge #8: ROYGBIV

Find litter in every color of the rainbow during a tournament

Season Highlights

“We Didn’t Dump The Tire” 

(inspired by Billy Joel) 


Taco Bell, Burger King, milk shake, Sheetz Bag,  

Mickey D, Wendy, Popeye, Raising Cane 

Gas Station, Corner Market, Dollar Store, Advertise 

Slurpee, Mountain Dew, Gatorade  


Dirty Sock, boxer short, orphan shoe, razor blade 

Kitchen sink, roofing tile, plywood, sheet rock  

Gas tank, PVC, easy chair 

North Side in despair 

Bag of chicken, DVD, rear projection big screen 


We didn’t dump the tire 

It was always hiding 

Since the sun’s been shining 

We didn’t dump the tire 

No, we didn’t blight it 

But we’re here to fight it 



Written in May, 2024 

By the 412 Redder Uppers 

For the “Speak to me Muse!” challenge 


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