Friends of the Riverfront’s mission is to expand, connect and enhance the Three Rivers Heritage Trail along the rivers of Pittsburgh, Pa. We engage river communities in trail stewardship and encourage economic growth.  We are working to build and maintain our local trails.

Friends is in the process of re-energizing the focus and mission of our organization.  We are looking for great people to help us maintain the integrity of the organization and our commitments to our constituents.  You can help with donations of time or money.

When you support Friends of the Riverfront, you become part of a network of people who care about expanding our trail system, connecting river communities, and increasing access to our water trails. Thank you for making this important work possible. Click here for more information on the Friends of the Riverfront Trail Membership Program

Since its inception in 1991, Friends of the Riverfront has been a pioneering organization working to protect and restore the Pittsburgh region’s rivers and riverfronts after decades of legacy pollution. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail now encompasses over 25 miles of urban riverfront trails along both banks of the mighty Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. Proceeds from this event will help with trail maintenance and expansion.