There’s no sugarcoating it; Pittsburgh’s weather is quite uncooperative. People who are from here, as well as long-term visitors like me, are all too aware of this. Luckily, this fact makes sunny, cloudless days all the more special. About 2 weeks ago, we were lucky enough to experience such a day. 65 degrees, light breeze, and full sun, my friends and I decided it was too nice of a day to spend inside. The three of us loaded into the car and drove, windows down, to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Station Square.

After finding parking in a large lot in front of the Glasshouse apartments, we went to rent Healthy Ride bikes. As students, Healthy Ride offers a deal on renting, but it’s normally only $2 per half hour. This is extremely convenient for those who do not have a bike in Pittsburgh but still want to take a spin on the trail. I personally get tired of walking sometimes since I walk around campus every day for class. It’s also somewhat hard to find an enjoyable, safe place to ride a bike. I personally am a bit wary to ride a bike on the road, since, well, I’m not really the best biker in the world. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is the perfect place to go; there are no cars to honk at you and the surrounding nature is beautiful. Or you can walk, skip, run- really whatever you’d like.

After getting our bikes, we hit the trail. The trail through Station Square is mostly concrete, so it is very comfortable to ride a bike on. The trail also runs parallel to the train tracks at some point, and we were able to see the train go by right in front of us with the cityscape in the back, making for a beautiful, industrial picture. (5) There is a fence that separates the trail and tracks for safety reasons, but you are able to see the river and skyscrapers on the other side. On the day we went, there was a Steelers game, and you could actually see and hear the game happening at Heinz Stadium from across the Ohio River while we were on the trail. We pretended they were cheering for us.

Along the Three Rivers Heritage trail, Station Square comes to life. Passing nods from fellow trail users, visitors coming for sightseeing river tours at Gateway Clipper Feet (1), and beautiful views of the river all make a day on the trail very exciting. The leaves on the trees were just beginning to change into an autumnal palette, and the light breeze was nice to bike in. In the main section, where there is a large water fountain that synchs up to piped-in music, there are eye-catching, metal sculptures and restaurants galore. (1) After a couple hours out on the trail, it is nice to come back here and grab a bite to eat and watch the hustle and bustle of the area. We decided on burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe and spent some time relaxing and catching up.

Overall, it was a day splendidly spent on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Station Square. Spending a day outside, enjoying nature with friends, is like a free form of therapy to me. It’s a great way to slow down and appreciate what you have around, when I usually find myself busy and caught up with other things. The Three Rivers Trail consists of over 30 miles, and runs through areas such as Lawrenceville and South Side, so finding a fun place to explore the trail shouldn’t be too difficult. If you find yourself in the Pittsburgh region, or you live here, take advantage of good weather and explore the unique nature on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail!


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