Our interns are invaluable to us at Friends of the Riverfront.
Intern Insights recognizes our dedicated interns, the work they do to support our mission, and the lessons they learn along the way.

This week’s Intern Insight comes from Ashton Walters. Ashton is our current Communications Intern. He is a senior studying Communication at Pitt. Born in Virginia Beach but raised in Portland, Oregon Ashton has loved being outside since he was a child. Whether it was hiking in the Pacific Northwest or spending the day in the sun on the coast, Ashton is always at his happiest when he can enjoy some fresh air.  

Ashton came to Pittsburgh because he fell in love with the beauty of city, especially the Three Rivers. Always the outdoorsman, Ashton was introduced to Three Rivers Heritage Trail and the Water Trail on Pitt Freshman program that brought together those who were passionate about being active. It was through this experience that he found a sense of community with those who shared a passion for Pittsburgh’s outdoors. Nearly four years later, Ashton keeps coming back to the trails, whenever he gets free time.  

As the Communication Intern, Ashton utilizes Friends’ social media to interact with the Pittsburgh community, and engage those who share passions for Pittsburgh, the Three Rivers, and the great outdoors. Ashton believes that the Three Rivers Heritage Trail is one of our community’s greatest assets and he wants everyone to be able to share in it. He feels that it is a tremendous honor to run Friends’ social media to further our goals and engage with the community. 

Be sure to follow Friends of the Riverfront on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Ashton keeps you up to date on all things Riverfront. 

If Ashton’s story resonates with you, then Friends of the Riverfront has an opportunity for you. Friends’ mission, “to build safe, clean, and accessible riverfront trails as part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail & Water Trail as well as to create and maintain an outstanding experience for trail users while providing economic, environmental, and health benefits to the Pittsburgh region,” can only be achieved with the help of those like Ashton. With the variety of stewardship and volunteer opportunities offered by Friends of the Riverfront, making a difference in your Pittsburgh community is easier than ever! For more information, visit our events page.

Thank you, Ashton, for all of your hard work!

posted 10/15/2020, AO


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