Interns are invaluable to us at Friends of the Riverfront.
Intern Insights recognizes our dedicated interns, the work they do to support our mission, and the lessons they learn along the way.

This week’s Intern Insight comes from Jimmy Hurley. Jimmy spent the summer as a Friends of the Riverfront Stewardship Intern. Jimmy is an Environmental Studies major and History minor at Allegheny College in Meadville. Born in Carnegie, Jimmy has spent his entire life in Western Pennsylvania and is extremely passionate about maintaining the beauty and prosperity of our region.

Jimmy’s passion for the area combined with his leadership skills made him a hardworking and driven intern. Jimmy is currently the Vice President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as a member of the baseball team at Allegheny College. These experiences helped him become a leader with our other Stewardship Interns. Jimmy’s leadership did not stop there. He frequently would talk with trail users about the work Friends does on the trail to maintain and grow the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system.

As a Stewardship Intern, Jimmy would participate in trail cleanups throughout the city of Pittsburgh. He believes that his work made a huge impact on the city that is so close to his heart.

“The Trails are becoming increasingly important to the city, along with the health of the rivers. As a life-long resident of Western Pennsylvania, I know how important my role of protecting our environment from litter and invasive species is.”

If Jimmy’s story resonates with you then Friends of the Riverfront has the opportunities for you.  Friends’ mission, “to build safe, clean, and accessible riverfront trails as part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail & Water Trail systems, as well as to create and maintain an outstanding experience for trail users while providing economic, environmental, and health benefits to the Pittsburgh region,” can only be achieved with the help of those like Jimmy.  With the variety of stewardship and volunteer opportunities offered by Friends of the Riverfront, making a difference in your Pittsburgh community is easier than ever! For more information, visit our events page.

 Thank you, Jimmy, for all of your hard work!

posted 11/1/2020, Ashton Waters


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