The Three Rivers Heritage Trail 2024 Impact Study is Out! 

Take a look at all the good news about the positive impact of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the regional economy, our local workers, our riverfronts and their environmental sustainability, our communities’ health, and quality of life. 

Key stats on the trail’s impact JUST in 2023:

  • 1.3 million trips on the trail
  • $26.5 million in total economic impact
  • 16 million in earnings for local workers
  • $5.7 million in tax revenue, including $1 million for schools and $619,000 for municipal governments
  • Regular commuters on the trail add up to the equivalent of taking 233 gas-powered cars off the road or offsetting the energy use of 132 homes
  • Those using the trail for regular exercise account for the prevention of premature death and medical costs by at least $338,000


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