It is with sadness and gratitude that we announce that Valerie Beichner is leaving us to become executive director at Venture Outdoors. Friends of the Riverfront is proud to have been part of Valerie’s journey and thankful for all of her contributions to this organization. 

While we’re disappointed to lose Valerie and her talents, we’re excited to continue to partner with her to encourage and enable recreational opportunities along our land and water trails.

At the helm of Friends, Valerie was a visionary leader who inspired and challenged the Friends’ staff, volunteers and community partners to think critically and creatively about how to make our trails a place that everyone can enjoy far into the future.

Under her leadership, Friends hosted over 70 stewardship events this year. These events gave the organization a stronger presence on the trail which translated into new people discovering the trail, more trail updates, and many fewer invasive vines. 

Valerie also successfully created a unique partnership with Allegheny Cleanways to share a Director of Development.  This increased capacity will allow Friends to expand its membership and bring in new partners to support this important work.

She also guided us through a new look! But more than just a new logo and mobile-friendly website, we reminded ourselves of why this work is important. Friends enables people in the Pittsburgh region to Connect to Something Greater.  We are all seeking connection in this world and Friends’ work allows neighbors to connect with each other, nature, and the riverfront communities that make this region a unique and interesting place to live.

When an organization is doing good things, people notice. And already, we are seeing strong interest in filling Valerie’s very big shoes. 

Thank you, Valerie, we are so glad to have connected with you.


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